The Primal Hunter 6 - Review

7/3/20231 min read

The sixth installment of the Primal Hunter series once again focuses on our hero Jake the Chosen of the Malefic Viper. This series was definitely an interesting read, especially compared to the last book as as there was much less combat involved but still engaging experiences due to the location change. After the action-heavy but almost grind like nature of Treasure Hunt from the last installment, this novel felt almost like coming up for a bit of air and then subsequently diving into a bit of intrigue and study, which was a welcome change.

In essence the overall trope of the 6th book is the tried and true "Hero goes to the Academy" thing. Which to be fair, I happen to really love when done well. Though in this case it's not "shipped off to Startship Troopers bootcamp" do or die type academy but more "Harry Potter goes to the University" vibe. There are some fun and interesting encounters that Jake must deal with as well as some new characters introduced that add a new flavor to Jakes journey and consideration. We also see a bit more of the God Villy in person (per say) and gain insight into his thoughts and actions behind the scenes as well as when interacting with Jake.

One of the things of note is that there is very little time spent on some of the other side characters that were more the focus in previous books like Miranda, Syphie, Caspar and others. It does appear that the other is putting them mostly on hold while introducing some new characters during Jake's acadaemy experience.

Overall this was another steller novel from Zogarth. Perhaps the only negative is that the book does seem to stop at what feels like the middle of the academy story, so if you don't like cliff hangers or don't like things ending with lots of threads dangling you may want to wait for the next installment which will likely finish off the academy journey.