No time to game but still want to have a bit of that game like high? Are you a fan of mmo's and dungeon crawlers but just don't have the time to play anymore? Then maybe you should try getting into the game another way. Have you tried Litrpgs? If you haven't then you've been missing out. We at Ultimate Litrpg are passionate about the Litrpg genre. We do our best to explain what this new type of genre is all about, why you should try it, and bring you the very best examples (in our opinion) of these books, along with reviews and recommendations. So read on Adventurer...the new world awaits!

By: Steven Fleming | Creation: June 6th, 2023

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About Ultimate Litrpg

Ultimate Litrpg is a blog dedicated to providing reviews and recommendations for Litrpgs, Dungeon Core, and Cultivation novels.

I'm a full time Dad of two, working as a Developer during the day. I first turned to Litrpgs a few years ago after my daughter was born. Just prior to that, I was a computer gamer but my time had become limited due to the constraints of both marriage, kids and work, but with the new baby - well my gaming time basically went from limited to non existent.

In desperation, I turned to reading Litrpgs to help scratch that itch, and immediately found both relief and enjoyment in the genre. Since I could simply pop open and close my kindle book anytime I needed to, it fit perfectly with the unpredictable schedule I had.

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